Japan Women's University

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Japan Women's University

Japan Women's University (日本女子大学 Nihon joshi daigaku?) is the oldest and largest of private Japanese women's universities. The university was established in 20 April 1901 by education reformist Jinzo Naruse (成瀬仁蔵?).

The university has around 6000 students and 200 faculty. It has two campuses, named after the neighborhoods in which they are located: Mejirodai (目白台) in Bunkyō, Tokyo, and Nishi-Ikuta (西生田) in Tama, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture.

There are associated schools from kindergarten through senior high school.


Jinzo Naruse, enlightened founder and pedagogue, had the principle "Education for the women, with sacred spirituality, with Japanese people's dignity."


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