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Captain Ema Kuribayashi
First recorded match 21 July 2003 v Pakistan at Amsterdam, Netherlands
ODI matches
ODI matches played 5
ODIs wins/losses 0/5
As of 20 September 2006

The Japanese women's cricket team is the team that represents the country of Japan in international women's cricket matches.


They made their international debut at the IWCC Trophy in the Netherlands in 2003. These were the first ODI matches played by any Japanese team, with the Japanese men's team yet to play at that level. They did not meet with much success though, losing all five matches and giving away an incredible 104 extras in their match against The Netherlands. They were bowled out for just 28 against Pakistan in that competition, with 20 of those runs coming in extras and just 8 from the bat, with the openers top scoring with 3 runs apiece [1].

Their return to international level did not come until September 2006 when they faced Papua New Guinea in a three match series of one day games to decide which country would represent the East Asia/Pacific region in the World Cup Qualifier in Ireland some time in 2007. Japan showed some improvement from the IWCC Trophy, but still lost all three games.

Tournament history[edit]

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Current Squad[edit]

  • Miho Kanno
  • Erika Ida
  • Shizuka Kubota
  • Ayako Nakayama
  • Yuka Yoshida
  • Yuko Saito
  • Kurumi Ota
  • Atsuko Suda
  • Ayako Iwasaki
  • Shizuka Miyaji
  • Mariko Yamamoto
  • Ema Kuribayashi
  • Erina Kaneko
  • Fuyuki Kawai
  • Yuko Kuniki


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