Japan women's national volleyball team

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Association Japan Volleyball Association
Confederation AVC
Head coach Masayoshi Manabe
FIVB ranking 3 (as of July 2014)
Summer Olympics
Appearances 11
World Championship
Appearances 13 (First in 1960)
Best result Gold medal with cup.svg (1962, 1967, 1974)
Website http://www.jva.or.jp/ (:ja)
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Team colours Team colours Team colours
Team colours
Japan women's national volleyball team
Medal record
Olympic Games
Gold 1964 Tokyo Team
Gold 1976 Montreal Team
Silver 1968 Mexico City Team
Silver 1972 Munich Team
Bronze 1984 Los Angeles Team
Bronze 2012 London Team
World Championship
Gold 1962 Soviet Union Team
Gold 1967 Japan Team
Gold 1974 Mexico Team
Silver 1960 Brazil Team
Silver 1970 Bulgaria Team
Silver 1978 Soviet Union Team
Bronze 2010 Japan Team
World Cup
Gold 1977 Japan Team
Silver 1973 Japan Team
Silver 1981 Japan Team
World Grand Champions Cup
Bronze 2001 Japan Team
World Grand Prix
Silver 2014 Japan Team
Asian Games
Gold 1962 Jakarta Team
Gold 1966 Bangkok Team
Gold 1970 Bangkok Team
Gold 1974 Tehran Team
Gold 1978 Bangkok Team
Silver 1982 New Delhi Team
Silver 1986 Seoul Team
Silver 2006 Doha Team
Bronze 1990 Beijing Team
Bronze 1994 Hiroshima Team
Bronze 1998 Bangkok Team
Bronze 2002 Busan Team
Asian Championship
Gold 1975 Melbourne Team
Gold 1983 Fukuoka Team
Gold 2007 Suphanburi Team
Silver 1979 Hong Kong Team
Silver 1987 Shanghai Team
Silver 1991 Bangkok Team
Silver 1993 Shanghai Team
Silver 2003 Ho Chi Minh City Team
Silver 2011 Taipei Team
Silver 2013 Nakhon Ratchasima Team
Bronze 1989 Hong Kong Team
Bronze 1995 Chiang Mai Team
Bronze 1997 Manila Team
Bronze 1999 Hong Kong Team
Bronze 2005 Taicang Team
Bronze 2009 Hanoi Team

The Japan women's national volleyball team, or All-Japan women's volleyball team, is the volleyball national team of Japan, currently ranked 3rd[1] by the FIVB. The current head coach is Masayoshi Manabe.

One of their greatest successes was at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, when they defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union on the way to the gold medal.

Japan qualified for the 2004 Summer Olympics by winning the Women's Olympic Qualifier, from May 8 to May 16 in Tokyo, Japan. In Athens, Greece the team took fifth place in the overall-rankings.

2012 London Olympics[edit]

Japan qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics as the best Asian team in the 2012 FIVB Women's World Olympic Qualification Tournament. In the 2012 Olympics, Japan had been placed on Group A with Russian Republic, Italy, Dominican Republic, the host Great Britain and Algeria. Japan finished third in the Group. In the quarter-finals, Japan faced the old Asian rival China. Saori Kimura and Yukiko Ebata each scored 33 points in this thrilling game in which China were beaten by 3–2. It was their first win over China in 11 years as far as FIVB games are concerned. On 9 August 2012, the Japanese were outplayed by the defending champions Brazil in the semi-finals. On 11 August 2012, Japan beat South Korea 3–0 in the bronze medal match. It is the first Olympics' volleyball medal for the Japanese since the 1984 Summer Olympics. As of August 13, 2012 Japan Women's Team ranked 3rd in the world behind United States women's national volleyball team and Brazil women's national volleyball team.

Current roster[edit]

As of June 2014 for 2014WGP[1]

Head coach: Masayoshi Manabe

Name Date of birth Height Weight 2014-15 club
1 Miyu Nagaoka 1991/7/25 1.79m 64 kg Japan Hisamitsu Springs
2 Hitomi Nakamichi 1985/9/18 1.59m 54 kg Japan Toray Arrows
3 Saori Kimura (C) 1986/8/19 1.85m 65 kg Japan Toray Arrows
4 Arisa Takada 1987/2/17 1.75m 64 kg Japan Toray Arrows
5 Arisa Satō 1989/7/18 1.64m 53 kg Japan Hitachi Rivale
6 Yuko Sano 1979/7/29 1.59m 54 kg Japan Denso Airybees
7 Mai Yamaguchi 1983/7/3 1.76m 62 kg Japan Okayama Seagulls
8 Riho Ōtake 1993/12/23 1.83m 68 kg Japan Denso Airybees
9 Mizuho Ishida 1988/1/22 1.74m 64 kg Japan Denso Airybees
10 Nana Iwasaka 1990/7/3 1.87m 64 kg Japan Hisamitsu Springs
11 Yūka Imamura 1993/9/2 1.77m 70 kg Japan Aoyama Gakuin Univ.
12 Yuki Ishii 1991/5/8 1.80m 68 kg Japan Hisamitsu Springs
13 Risa Shinnabe 1990/7/11 1.73m 64 kg Japan Hisamitsu Springs
14 Yukiko Ebata 1989/11/7 1.76m 67 kg France RC Cannes
15 Natsumi Fujita 1991/8/5 1.66m 50 kg Japan Toyota Auto Body Queenseis
16 Saori Sakoda 1987/12/18 1.75m 64 kg Japan Toray Arrows
17 Kana Ōno(ja) 1992/6/30 1.80m 70 kg Japan NEC Red Rockets
18 Sayaka Tsutsui(ja) 1992/9/29 1.58m 51 kg Japan Hisamitsu Springs
19 Haruka Miyashita 1994/9/1 1.77m 61 kg Japan Okayama Seagulls
20 Mami Uchiseto(ja) 1991/10/25 1.70m 69 kg Japan Hitachi Rivale
21 Arisa Inoue(ja) 1995/5/8 1.80m 67 kg Japan Tsukuba Univ.
22 Miyuki Hiramatsu(ja) 1991/11/22 1.81m 66 kg Japan Toyota Auto Body Queenseis

6 times World Champions[edit]

Year Games Host Runner-up 2nd Runner-up
1962 # 4th World Championship USSR Soviet Union USSR Poland Poland
1964 # Tokyo Olympics Games Japan Soviet Union USSR Poland Poland
1967 # 5th World Championship Japan Soviet Union USSR South Korea South Korea
1974 & 7th World Championship Mexico Soviet Union USSR South Korea South Korea
1976 & Montreal Olympic Games Canada Soviet Union USSR South Korea South Korea
1977 & 2nd World Cup Japan Cuba Cuba South Korea South Korea

#, & – Twice 3 Straight Major titles in 1960s and 1970s

(World Women's Volleyball Championship, World Cup, Olympic Games)


Olympic Games[edit]

World Championship[edit]

  • 1952 – did not compete
  • 1956 – did not compete
  • 1960Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1962Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1967Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1970Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1974Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1978Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1982 – 4th place
  • 1986 – 7th place
  • 1990 – 8th place
  • 1994 – 7th place
  • 1998 – 8th place
  • 2002 – 7th place
  • 2006 – 6th place
  • 2010Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 2014TBD

World Cup[edit]

FIVB World Grand Prix[edit]

Asian Games[edit]

  • 1962Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1966Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1970Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1974Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1978Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 1982Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1986Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 1990Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1994Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 1998Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 2002Med 3.png Bronze Medal
  • 2006Med 2.png Silver Medal
  • 2010 – 6th place

Montreux Volley Masters[edit]

  • 2011Med 1.png Gold Medal
  • 2013 – 5th place



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