Japanese invasion of Legaspi

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Japanese invasion of Legaspi
Part of Philippines Campaign (1941–42), Pacific War
A map of Luzon Island showing Japanese landings and advances from 8 December 1941 to 8 January 1942.
Date 12 December 1941
Location Legaspi, Philippines
Result Japanese victory
 Empire of Japan  Commonwealth of the Philippines

Japan had been capturing islands and villages all along the Philippine's coast with little to no resistance since 8 December 1941. The same was true about their invasion of Legaspi.

The invasion[edit]

After taking Vigan, the Japanese set their sights on Legaspi. The first landing force was met with no opposition; the closest troops were over 150 miles away. By 0900, the Japanese had control of the airfield, and later, the railroad station. It also helped the Japanese Japanese Invasion of Bacnotan[1]


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