Japanese people in Pakistan

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Japanese people in Pakistan
Total population
903 (2009)
Regions with significant populations
Islamabad, Karachi
Japanese, English, Urdu
Related ethnic groups
Japanese people, Japanese diaspora

Japanese in Pakistan (Urdu: جاپانی‎) form a small expatriate community. As of 2009, 903 Japanese lived in the country, according to the statistics of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[1] Additionally, statistics from Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs show that roughly 20,000 Japanese tourists entered the country during 2007-08, primarily to visit Buddhist sites.[2]

During the 1980s and 1990s, the population of Japanese living in Karachi alone exceeded over 2,000. Now, the community has shrunk.[3]


There are expatriate Japanese schools in Karachi and Islamabad for the native speakers of Japanese and children of Japanese citizens: Islamabad Japanese School and Karachi Japanese School. These schools are accredited by Japan's Ministry of Education and Science and receive funding from the Japanese government.

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