Japanese people in Turkey

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Japanese people in Turkey
Total population
1,430 (2010)
Regions with significant populations
Istanbul · Ankara
Japanese · Turkish

There is a medium-sized population of Japanese people in Turkey, comprising mostly recent expatriates from Japan. As of September 2010, their numbers were recorded at 1,430 by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[1] Most Japanese living in Turkey are based in Ankara and Istanbul.

There was a very small population of Japanese in the country prior to 1945 when Turkey declared war on Germany and Japan during World War II; following the conflict and the severing of Turkey's trade and diplomatic relations with Japan, most had left.[2] A Japanese travel agent and information office had closed down its presence and all its personnel had left. There were also no Japanese businessmen left in Turkey.[2] Only people with diplomatic and consular status remained, numbering about fifteen. They were interned at a consulate building in Ayaspaşa, Istanbul. Some people who resided in the neighbourhood at that time remember that the interned Japanese nationals were sometimes permitted to go to Yıldız Park for a walk.[2]


The Istanbul Japanese School is a Japanese international school.

Istanbul also has a weekend Japanese eudcation programme, The Japanese Saturday School in Istanbul in Etiler.[3]

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