Japanese warship Mikaho

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Part of the fleet of Enomoto Takeaki off Shinagawa. From right to left: Kaiten, Kaiyō, Kanrin, Chōgei, Mikaho. The Banryō and Chiyodagata are absent. 1868 photograph.

Mikaho (美嘉保?) was as small steam transportation warship belonging to the Navy of the Bakufu around 1860.

Vice Admiral Enomoto Takeaki, vice-commander of the Navy, refusing to remit his fleet to the new government and left Shinagawa on August 20, 1868, with four steam warships (Kaiyō, Kaiten, Banryū, Chiyodagata) and four steam transports (Kanrin, Mikaho, Shinsoku, Chōgei) as well as 2,000 members of the Navy, 36 members of the "Yugekitai" (Guerilla corps) headed by Iba Hachiro, several officials of the former Bakufu government such as the vice-commander in chief of the Army Matsudaira Taro, Nakajima Saburozuke, and members of the French Military Mission to Japan, headed by Jules Brunet.

On August 21, the fleet encountered a typhoon off Choshi, in which the Mikaho was lost and the Kanrin, heavily damaged, forced to rally the coast, where she was captured in Shimizu.