External urethral orifice (male)

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External urethral orifice (male)
Illu penis.jpg
Structure of the penis.
Male urethra.
Latin Orificium urethrae externum
Gray's p.1235
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Anatomical terminology

The male external urethral orifice is the external opening or meatus of the urethra, normally placed at the tip of glans penis; it presents as a vertical slit, possibly bounded on either side by two small labia-like projections, In some cases the slit may be more rounded. This occurs naturally in some males and may also be a side effect of excess skin removal during circumcision. Congenital misplacement of the urethral orifice is called hypospadias when it is located in the underside (ventral aspect) of the penis, and epispadias when located in the dorsum (upper aspect). Improper shaping of the meatus can result in meatal stenosis.

Due to the fact that the penis is flexible and the urethral orifice therefore can be used to aim the urine stream in males, different positions in which males urinate are found globally. Some males prefer to urinate standing while other prefer to urinate sitting or squatting. Elderly males with prostate problems may benefit from sitting down while in healthy males, no difference is found in the ability to urinate.[1][2] For practising Muslim men, the genital modesty of squatting is also associated with proper cleanliness requirements or awra.[3]

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