Jari Tervo

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Jari Tervo
Jari Tervo 3.jpg
Jari Tervo at the Turku Book Fair 2010.
Born (1959-02-02) February 2, 1959 (age 55)
Rovaniemi, Finland
Occupation Novelist
Genres Prose, Poetry

Jari Tervo (born February 2, 1959) is a Finnish author. He is a major name in current Finnish literature.

He writes traditional plot-driven prose, sometimes more humoristic (Poliisin poika), sometimes more like a detective story (Myyrä). Often he includes autobiographical elements. For example, Kallellaan is a diary, and Minun sukuni tarina has a protagonist which is, in all but de jure, the author himself. Despite the good reputation he has gained in Finland his novels have not yet been translated into English.

As another of the team captains he is also a familiar face from Finnish TV's version of Have I Got News For You, Uutisvuoto.



  • The Court of the North (Pohjan hovi, 1992)
  • Policeman's Son (Poliisin poika, 1993)
  • Numbered Among Your Saints (Pyhiesi yhteyteen, 1995)
  • Windswept Expanse (Tuulikaappimaa, 1997)
  • My Family Chronicle (Minun sukuni tarina, 1999)
  • Kallellaan (2000)
  • Suomemme heimo (2001)
  • Rautapää (2002)
  • The Mole (Myyrä, 2004)
  • Ohrana (2006)
  • Troikka (2008)
  • Koljatti (2009)
  • Layla (2011)


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