Jasaw Chan K'awiil II

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Jasaw Chan K'awiil II (fl. ca. 869) was a 9th-century ruler at Tikal, the major pre-Columbian Maya civilization center and polity located in the Peten Basin region, modern-day Guatemala.

Reigning at a time when Tikal had already declined as a regional and political power, Jasaw Chan K'awiil is Tikal's last-known ruler identifiable from extant inscriptions. His only known monument is a stela and its accompanying altar, with an inscription bearing the latest date of any yet recovered and deciphered in Tikal. Labelled as Stela 11, the monument is the only one from the Terminal Classic period found at Tikal, and contains a Long Count date of 3 Ajaw 3 Kej, correlating to August 15, 869 CE[1] in the proleptic Gregorian calendar.


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