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Jasmin Tabatabai

Jasmin Tabatabai (Persian: یاسمین طباطبائی [jɒːsˈmiːn tæbɒːtæbɒːˈʔiː]; born June 8, 1967 in Tehran, Iran) is a German-Iranian singer, songwriter and actress.

Life and work[edit]

Jasmin Tabatabai's mother is German, and her father is Iranian. Jasmin Tabatabai was born and lived in Tehran until the 1979 Islamic Revolution, at which point she migrated with her mother to Germany. After her completion of school, she studied drama in the arts college in Stuttgart. Soon after that, she entered into the film industry and has since starred or co-starred in over forty films. She was discovered for the screen 1992 as main character in the Swiss feature film Children of the Open Road, what brought her the award as best actress at the Amiens Film Festival in France. During her early work as actress in Berlin, she co-founded the band Even Cowgirls get the Blues as singer and songwriter.

The 1997 German film Bandits exposed Jasmin Tabatabai to a larger audience. In addition to her acting role in the film, she also wrote and performed many of the songs for the soundtrack. The record for the film sold more than seven hundred thousand copies. She also voiced Megara in the German dub of Hercules.

Tabatabai's first album as a solo artist, Only Love, was released in 2002 along with the single After You Killed Me. Soon after she founded her own record label, polytrash. She also composed songs for the soundtrack of the 2004 movie Iron Jawed Angels together with the American singer Tico Zamora, whom she had married the year before.

Jasmin Tabatabai was married to the American musician Tico Zamora since 1 June 2003 and has a daughter with him.


Selected filmography[edit]


Jasmin Tabatabai & David Klein Orchester

  • 2011 Eine Frau

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