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Jasmine Dotiwala (born 9 January) is an English-born broadcaster, producer, director and columnist.


Jasmine Dotiwala has gained acclaim in the media for breaking new, young, British talent, along with fresh, groundbreaking and edgy TV programming featuring A-List celebrities including Eminem, Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Usher and Mariah Carey.[1] Currently Dotiwala is executive news editor of the new London 360 News TV Magazine Show at the Media Trust. Dotiwala studied at Roehampton University in Surrey where she completed a BA Honours degree.


After graduating Dotiwala began her career on Channel 4’s longrunning morning show ‘The Big Breakfast’ where she worked as a runner before progressing to role of floor assistant. Dotiwala then made her television presenting debut on the notorious '90s youth cult show The Word where, in 1994, she interviewed a multitude of rising stars such as Goldie, Mark Morrison, Jean-Claude Van Damme and went record shopping with R&B singer Aaliyah,[2] Jodeci, did the first ever UK interview with Mary J. Blige and an interview outside an L.A. courtroom with rising star Snoop Doggy Dogg at his murder trial which aired across the global news networks.

Following her stint at The Word, Dotiwala moved to MTV Europe where she was a presenter for MTV News, before becoming Senior Producer-Director for many of MTV International’s flagship TV shows including ‘Making the Video’, ‘MTV Cribs’, ‘MTV’s Diary Of’ and ‘MTV News Specials’. In 2000 Dotiwala became the Senior Series Producer/Director of MTV News Specials’ where she hosted, produced and directed MTV shows featuring celebrities such as Madonna, the Spice Girls, Radiohead and U2. Dotiwala also directed and produced MTV Cribs, where viewers were shown around the houses of celebrities including Dolce & Gabbana, Richard Branson and Craig David, along with Diary Of... episodes featuring Jay Z, Mariah Carey, Eminem and 50 Cent, and Making the Video which went behind the scenes at video shoots of Usher, Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, P Diddy and Estelle.

In 2006 Dotiwala took the role of MTV’s Urban Music Specialist and Head Of MTV Base where she interviewed high profile artists including Destiny's Child, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Eminem. Dotiwala also produced specialised shows on high profile artists such as ‘Essential Mariah Carey’, ‘Essential Eminem’ and ‘Essential Dr Dre’ which premiered at number one on MTV Base.

In 2006 Dotiwala produced and directed A Night with Justin Timberlake Live, Jay Z’s Tour Diary, the Shady Family Invade Europe and Usher's Making of the Video for ‘Yeah’ which drew in some of the highest ratings MTV had seen in four years. Dotiwala’s Making the Video; Mariah Carey (October 2005) went on to be the highest rating Making the Video on any MTV channels worldwide in 2005. In 2007 Dotiwala’s ‘Diary of Jay Z-the Global Express Tour’ aired on 40 MTV channels worldwide.

After 10 years at MTV International Dotiwala took a role heading up MTV BASE production where she overhauled the brand, bringing in new presenters [3] and shows such as Kojo's Comedy Funhouse,[4] The Young Gods of Comedy [5] and DJ Takeover[6] which raised the channels profile and ratings.

In 2009 Dotiwala returned to Channel 4 Music Specials where her first project was the Mariah Carey T4 Special [7] and other similar music, youth, entertainment TV projects for Channel 4 including THE WORD 20 Year Anniversary Special.

In 2010 Dotiwala produced and directed ITV's One Night Stand, whose guests included Ne-Yo, The Scissor Sisters and Pixie Lott.

In 2011 Dotiwala moved to the BBC to work in BBC Children’s Development team before moving to the BBC Music department where she currently works on developing new youth music content. Dotiwala is also the Executive Producer of the 360 series of news shows LONDON360, UK360 and ARTS360 made by 120 young reporters at Media Trust.


Dotiwala has written for a variety of publications including Huffington Post,[8] The Voice,[9] Touch Magazine, the Daily Mail and Caribbean fashion publication Ocean Style.[10]

Dotiwala also wrote a long standing column for urban music magazines ‘Touch’ and ‘Tense’ called ‘Girl Talk’, as well as one off columns in international urban magazine Vibe.

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