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Bending Light – (Theatrical name: Laser Fiction) is an illusion, created and performed by Jason Latimer, which gives the appearance that an individual can manipulate a beam of light like a solid object.[1][2][3] Laser Fiction, although an illusion, is recognized by the science community for its appearance of interaction with light and touch. In 2009, Latimer's contributions in the illusion of light interaction, engineering and technology earned Jason an invite to be a presenter and performer at The Origins Symposium at Arizona State University amongst such notable scientists as Stephen Hawking and six Nobel Laureates (Baruch Blumberg, Walter Gilbert, Sheldon Glashow, John C. Mather, David Gross and Frank Wilczek) [4][5][6][7]

Illusion history[edit]

As performed on the BBC One’s TV special “The Magicians, Episode 1,” “The Ellen Degeneres Show, Oct 2008,” and YouTube Live 2008. Latimer appears to be able to bend light, hang objects on a beam, break the beam and pick up the beam.[1][2][3]


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