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A writer, Jason Thornberry was also actively involved in music for many years. In 1999, his band The Pressure was readying the release of their debut album, when it was discovered that their drummer was in hospital. Thornberry was in a coma after being curb-stomped and beaten nearly to death by gang members. His assailants went free.[1][2] Four months later Jason was released in a wheelchair. Within a year he was walking again, and he'd begun to document the experience. Jason would continue to see therapists for a long time, having also temporarily lost the ability to speak or to use the left side of his body after the assault.[3]

He returned to school and edited his college newspaper, The Coast Report, along with contributions to The OC Weekly, URB, Mean Street, and more than two dozen print and online music magazines around the world.[4]

Thornberry has been writing short stories and essays since elementary school, and spent his lengthy convalescence becoming reacquainted with his first love. Jason's style – a mixture of wit, sarcasm, and an often quirky sense of humor – has been seen in music magazines around the world. He has recently finished his first book, a memoir based upon his experiences in music, as well as overcoming a traumatic brain injury.

Jason lives in Seattle with his wife.


(This list includes musical artists with whom Thornberry appeared.)

  • Mulch

Nowhere to Climb (1994). 13 Dayz (1995). Aces and Spaces (2008).

  • The Pressure

My Heart Was Lost (1996). The Pressure (1997). I Wanna Call Someone (1998). v/a Brother Can You Spare Some Ska Vol. 4 (1998). v/a Al's Bar Compilation, Vol. 2 (1998). v/a Styzine Compilation (1998). v/a The Buddy List (1999). Things Move Fast (1999). v/a Orange County Weekly compilation’’ (1999). v/a Sampler WE 20.0’’ (year?).



  • The Coast Report
  • The Orange County Weekly


  • American Music Press
  • The Blacklist
  • Central Circuit
  • Mean Street
  • Mic Stand Magazine
  • Skratch
  • URB


  • Adirondack Review
  • Alternative Zine (Israel)
  • Americore
  • Aversion
  • Beat The Blizzard (UK)
  • Bendies
  • Bite Me!
  • Blistering (Canada)
  • Buzzine
  • California Pop
  • Chaos Control Digizine
  • Chaotic Critiques
  • Cosmik Debris
  • Crud (UK)
  • Daily Vault
  • Geek America
  • Gepetto
  • Global Hip Hop
  • Inkblot
  • Legion (Russia)
  • Maelstrom
  • Metal Crypt
  • Metal UK (UK)
  • Misfit City (UK)
  • Music-Reviewer AMZ
  • Open Up & Say
  • Pandomag
  • Punk News
  • Rockezine
  • Sweet Tea (UK)
  • 2Walls


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