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Jason Truby
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Background information
Born (1973-06-01) June 1, 1973 (age 41)
Genres Rock, acoustic, classical, jazz-fusion, folk, country, fingerstyle
Instruments Guitar, Vocals
Years active 1989–present
Associated acts Living Sacrifice, P.O.D.
Notable instruments
Gibson Les Paul Standards
Charis Acoustics
Ryan Acoustics
Taylor Acoustics

Jason Truby (born June 1, 1973 in Little Rock, Arkansas) is an American musician. He began his career in 1989 when he formed the Christian metal band Living Sacrifice as its lead guitarist. Even though he was a founding member of the Arkansas-based band, he left Living Sacrifice in 1997 to spend time with his family. However, in 2003, the band, P.O.D. needed a new guitarist after former band member Marcos Curiel parted with the band amidst controversy. Truby was available at the time to assist them by playing guitar as a temporary replacement to record the band's single, "Sleeping Awake", and would become a full-time member soon afterward.

The band released its first album with Truby (Payable on Death) in November 2003, which was the first time the band discarded its rap metal style, which in turn faced much controversy. It went on to sell just over one million records worldwide. The second album the band released with Truby was Testify, which was produced by Glen Ballard and released early 2006. He has performed with such greats as Phil Keaggy, David Beegle, Ashley Cleveland and her husband Kenny Greenberg, has been a guest performer with Phil Keaggy's band Glass Harp at the first annual Denver guitar festival.

Truby typically plays Gibson Les Paul Standards and SG live and in the studio. On his solo acoustic album entitled String Theory (2004), however, Truby recorded 24 instrumental tracks, using a total of 19 different acoustic guitars. He typically plays Charis and Ryan acoustics.

His main influences in music include John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, U2, G.G. Allin, Phil Keaggy, Wes Montgomery, Andrés Segovia, Jimi Hendrix, Bach, Pat Metheny, The Beatles, Dave Brubeck, Stanley Jordan, Coldplay, and Radiohead.

In a statement made by the band's manager on their Myspace page, it was officially announced, on December 30, 2006, that Jason Truby had left P.O.D. Truby wrote the following letter to the "Warriors":


Jason Truby here. First of all I want to clarify any questions concerning my involvement with P.O.D. I am no longer a member of P.O.D. I want to thank all of you for your support and love over the past four years. It has been an honor getting the opportunity to spend time with you and sharing music with you. My decision to depart as a member is personal and came before Marcos was considered. I believe in P.O.D. and will be a part of P.O.D forever. They are life long friends. As for myself, I've been working on a project with my good friend Phil Keaggy who is helping me with a vocal album, and also linking-up with Lance Garvin on some tunes as well. None the less, Thanks to all of you for the chance to be a part of this rally for the greater cause. Sometime you have to follow the wind even when you don't know where its leading. I pray the Most High will guide you in His unspeakable love. Good bye for now....

Forever grateful,
Jason Truby

Truby released his second instrumental album, Waiting on the Wind on November 20, 2007 on his website. The album was also recently released on iTunes.

On July 26, 2008, Truby announced a third solo acoustic album, Finding the Quiet, which was released November 25.

Another acoustic album will be released this fall followed by an acoustic Christmas album. Truby also plans to release a vocal EP with his new band this summer and has already posted several vocal songs on his MySpace.

Truby completed his debut rock album, "ENTROPY" in 2010. In 2011 Jason released an acoustic Christmas album entitled "The Greatest Love"

Jason is performing, songwriting, and producing. He has launched an Indie label called Rockville Productions with fellow writer/producer Steve Dean.


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