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Jaswantpura is located in Rajasthan
Location in Rajasthan, India
Coordinates: 24°48′00″N 72°28′00″E / 24.8000°N 72.4667°E / 24.8000; 72.4667Coordinates: 24°48′00″N 72°28′00″E / 24.8000°N 72.4667°E / 24.8000; 72.4667
Country  India
State Rajasthan
District Jalore
Elevation 272 m (892 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 4,399
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 307515
Telephone code 02990
Vehicle registration RJ-16
Sex ratio 968 /

Jaswantpura is a village in the Jalore District of Rajasthan, India. It holds the headquarters of panchayat samiti (block) of the same name and is part of the Bhinmal sub division. It is declared to be made as tehsil in Rajasthan budget-2012-13.[1] It is named after the ruler of Marwar (Jodhpur ) Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Prior to 1947, it was the headquarters of the pargana by the same name. The Navodaya vidyalaya of Jalore district, Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Jaswantpura is located here .


Population of Jaswantpura is 4,399 according to census 2001. where male population is 2,235 while female population is 2,164.[2]


The old name of Jaswantpura was Loyana.

The loyana Garh is of the Rajputs known as ‘Deval’ and was capital thikana of 52 villages(Kalapura to Karada) of Deval pati. Maharana Pratap during his fight against mugal emperor had stayed in loyanagarh for some time and then even got married to the daughter of loyanagarh thakur. After that Maharana Pratap gave the title of ‘Rana’ to the thankur of loyana garh.

After that there was some misunderstanding between Maharaja of Jodhpur and Loyanagarh. The Sardars of Loyanagarh rebelled against the then Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur. Maharaja quelled the rebellion,after two fail attempts, third time he conquered Loyana garh and changed its name to Jaswantpura.

Loyana garh Rana Salam Singh Ji was the rana that time but he ran way. Kuwar Joravar Singh Deval( son of Rana Salam Singh)was taken to Jodhpur and given education in Jodhpur by Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Then Maharaja given a village in pali district name Sinla with three villages zagir name Sinla,Akhawas,Neembali.Rana Joravar Singh ji started to stay in the thikana village name Sinla. Rana Joravar Singh Ji have four sons,one of them is Thakur Sahab Rewat Singh Ji. Thakur Sahab Rewat Singh Ji have two sons name Thakur Sahab Tej Singh Ji and Laxman Singh Ji.Thakur Sahab Tej Singh Ji is the present thakur of village Akhawas. Thakur Tej Singh Ji have one daughter name Chaila Kanwar.Chaila Kanwar married to H.H.Bharat Singh JI of state

Tharad in Gujarat.Laxman Singh Ji who married at Thikana Malgaon in Sirohi district and have two sons name Kunwar Brijpal Singh Deval and Kunwar Yuvraj Singh Deval.

Please see below the Loyanagarh family :- Rana Pana Ji his son named Rana Bhuta Ji.Rana Bhuta Ji have four sons. First was Rana Salam Singh Ji, who stayed in loyanagarh. Second was Thakur Veer Singh Ji, who went to thikana - Gajapura. Third & Fourth was Thakur Bhavani Singh Ji & Thakur Sumer Singh Ji, they both went to a Thikana called Vada.

The complete History of Loyana Garh is with the Thakur of Gajapura and Thakur of Akhawas.


The Sagi river flows through town. The nearest airport to Jaswantpura is in Udaipur. Raniwara is the nearest railway station. Most of the commutation is being through buses only.


Kuldevi of Deval Rajput is Khimat Mata which is in Bhinmal.Jaswantpura holds Satimata, and within 20 km is the Sunda Mata temple.


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