Jats of Sindh

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Jatts of Sindh
(Urdu: جاٹ مسلمان‎)
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Allah-green.svg Islam
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Muslim JatJats of KutchJats of Azad KashmirSammas

The Jats of Sindh are a Baloch tribe found in the province of Sindh in Pakistan and the Kutch region of India.

Jat of the Indus Delta[edit]

The Indus Delta Jat are subdivided into a hundred clans, with the Malikani taking precedence over the other clans. There are two other sub-divisions, the Fakirani who are found mainly among the Jats of Kutch, with a few families in Badin District and finally the Lakhani. Other clans include Iburani, Ajani, Bhamburani, Bagrani and Babrani. The Fakirani are essential camel herders, while the other Delta Jat are Maldhari cattle breeders.

Jat of Northern Sindh[edit]

While the Indus Delta Jat form a distinct endogamous community, Jats of northern Sindh are more dispersed community.

Other clans among the northern Jat are Zardari, Langwani, Babbar, Lashari, Borana, Wasuwana, Pahore, Daidana, Babrani, Bamban, Chukhra, Bohar, Dandor, Kalwar, Ataria, Drigh, Maiha, Hara, Siahpost, Dharpal, Sapar, Bareja, Palal, Waja, Samith, Kurar, Detha and Rahoja. Many of the northern Jats have dropped the name Jat in favour of Jamote. They are found mainly in the districts of Nawabshah, Jacobabad, Larkana, Shikarpur, Sukkur and Khipro.[1]


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