Java Head (1934 film)

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Java Head
Film Poster
Directed by Thorold Dickinson
Produced by Basil Dean
Written by Gordon Wellesley
Martin Brown
Starring Anna May Wong
Elizabeth Allan
Ralph Richardson
John Loder
Music by Ernest Irving
Cinematography Robert Martin
Edited by David Lean
Associated Talking Pictures
Distributed by Associated British
Release date(s) August 1934
Running time 85 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Java Head is a 1934 British historical drama film directed by Thorold Dickinson and J. Walter Ruben. It starred Anna May Wong, Elizabeth Allan and Ralph Richardson.[1]


The screenplay was written by Gordon Wellesley and Carol Reed served as an assistant director.[2] The film is an adaptation of a novel by Joseph Hergesheimer of the same name. It was made at Ealing Studios, with sets designed by Edward Carrick.

A previous silent version was directed in 1923 by George Melford for Paramount Pictures. It starred Leatrice Joy. The silent version is considered a lost film.


The son of a wealthy Bristol shipping magnate marries a Chinese noblewoman, but she soon becomes aware that he is in fact in love with another woman.



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