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O'Day Javelin
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Class Symbol
Current Specifications
Crew 2
Type planing hull
Construction fiberglass
Rig sloop
Keel 49 lb galvanized steel plate
LOA 14 ft
LWL 13 ft 2 in
Beam 5 ft 8 in
Draft CB 6" up/3'10" down
Hull weight 475 - 524 lbs
Mast height 22' 11 3/8" (overall)
Main & Jib area 125 ft2
Mainsail area 90 ft2
Jib / Genoa area 35 ft2
Spinnaker area 127 ft2
D-PN 111.3
Year 1960
Designer Uffa Fox
Infobox last updated: 1 February 2014
This article is about the sailing dinghy primarily raced in the USA and Japan. For the sailing dinghy primarily raced in New Zealand and Australia, see Javelin dinghy (Australasia). For the sailing dinghy primarily raced in Europe, see Javelin dinghy (Europe).
For other uses of "Javelin", see Javelin (disambiguation).

The Javelin is a 14-foot dinghy designed by Uffa Fox in 1960 and built by the O'Day company until 1984. The boat is a comfortable daysailer. Over 5000 were produced in the United States and the older "classic" models are still being built in Japan.

The Javelin sails off a D-PN of 111.3[1]


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