Jay Caselberg

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Jay Caselberg
Jay Caselberg at the World Fantasy Convention 2006 in Austin, Texas
Born Australia
Pen name James A. Hartley
Occupation novelist
Nationality Australian
Alma mater University of Wollongong
Period 1996–present
Genre science fiction, mystery, fantasy, horror, literary, poetry

Jay Caselberg is an Australian science fiction/mystery/fantasy fiction/horror/ author. As of January, 2012, he has published six novels and multiple short stories under his own name (one novel as J.A. Caselberg). He has also written under the pseudonym James A. Hartley. All of the books published in his first science fiction series feature "psychic investigator" Jack Stein, a man whose slight psychic talent (which manifests in dreams and gut feelings) led him from a job in the military to a stint in Intelligence, and later to a job as a private investigator. His next novel was a science fiction retelling of King Lear. A YA Fantasy came out in 2012 under the name J.A. Caselberg. His latest novel, due August 2013 Empties is again under the name Jay Caselberg, billed as a brutal novel of psychological horror.


Born in a country town in Australia, Jay Caselberg travelled far and wide while growing up. His first overseas trip was to Istanbul in 1969, where he lived for two years, and later to Cambridge[clarification needed]for a year. His family also travelled around the world during these trips.

Originally opting for a BSc degree in Biochemistry, he changed to a BSc degree in Psychology and transferred to the University of Wollongong from Sydney to get a BA Psych. From there, he took on History and Philosophy of science and eventually[when?]got an honours degree in the topic. Pursuing his Doctorate through means of a Commonwealth Scholarship[dubious ], he moved to the University of New South Wales in Sydney. A while before he was due to submit his dissertation, he realised that academia wasn't going to fulfil his ambitions and he started working. After joining several IT companies, he found one that he stayed with, and transferred to work in London several months later.

From that time on, he travelled extensively, spending time with clients throughout Western, Central and Eastern Europe and Africa. Towards the end of that time, already a champion[further explanation needed] historical wargamer, he retired from competition [clarification needed]and decided to focus on his love of writing. In 1996, he started writing with a passion. For nearly the next two years, he wrote full-time and garnered his first few publications writing as James A. Hartley. In 1998, he rejoined the workforce.

His next job involved even more travel, having initial responsibility for 54 countries, dealing with internal management systems for a major accounting firm. This role eventually grew to encompass a number of different global projects[vague]. During the constant travel, he wrote, and continued to write. In mid-2002, he became freelance and worked for a number of major firms worldwide.

Since then, he has continued to write and publish, as Jay Caselberg, J.A. Caselberg and James A. Hartley.

He currently works for a major international firm with a global remit and is based in Europe.

Published works[edit]

  • Wyrmhole
  • Metal Sky
  • The Star Tablet
  • Wall of Mirrors
  • Binary
  • Angel on the Beach
  • The Jack Stein Omnibus
  • The Jackal Dreaming
  • Empties forthcoming August 2013

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