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Jaya Suprana[Chinese script needed] (January 27, 1949–), is an Indonesian pianist, composer, writer, cartoonist, and television presenter.

Jaya Suprana was born in Denpasar, Bali as a Chinese descendant but grew up within Javanese culture. He studied music at Musikhochschule Muenster and Folkwang-Hochschule Essen, West Germany, between 1967 and 1976, and since then has given piano recitals worldwide, as well as composing his own music. He also presents his own national weekly talkshow called the Jaya Suprana Show.

He also established the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI), Rotary-Suprana Orphanage, Centre for Kelirumologi Study, and together with Aylawati Sarwono founded the Jaya Suprana School of Performing Arts which has performed wayang orang at Sydney Opera House and Unesco Paris also recital master class series with young Indonesian talended musician on international stages and in 2011 organised the Indonesia Pusaka International Piano Competition with participants from 12 countries and the gala concert at the presidential palace in Bogor attended by the president and first lady of Republic Indonesia Suprana claims a PhD degree in philosophy and social sciences from the unaccredited Pacific Western University. He is also the Chairman of his family-run medicinal herbs producing firm, PT Jamu Cap Jago, in the Central Java capital of Semarang He tours with his group Kwartet Punakawan [1]


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