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Jayce Lewis
Jayce Lewis Live.jpg
Jayce Lewis live 2010
Background information
Birth name Jason Charles Lewis
Born Bridgend, Wales
Genres Rock/electronica/other
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Drums/guitar/keyboards/vocals
Years active 2004 – Present

EMI Records

Devfire Entertainment

Universal Music Group
Associated acts David Prowse Gary Numan Joe Calzaghe Steve Strange Joe Frazier Losing Sun Roger Taylor



Jayce Lewis (born 29 September 1984)[1] is a Welsh solo artist from Bridgend, South Wales.


Previously employed as a fabricator/welder, Lewis forged a music career following the launch, hit single – Icon. Lewis formed a live touring band from a group of friends, and designs/manufactures his own live set production.[2]

The album content touched on several subjects matters within his lyrics and was inspired by life experiences.[3] Lewis' music has been described as high energy rock mixed with dance electronica and tribal drumming.[4]



Jayce Lewis started his musical career by learning to play guitar at the age of Six. He is influenced by Brian May of Queen and Igor Cavalera of Sepultura.[5] Hailing from Bridgend in Wales,[6] he is being promoted by David Prowse who played the Super Villain: Darth Vader in the Original Star Wars trilogy.[7] Lewis is a keen follower of dance and tribal music and incorporates this into his solo work[5]

He signed a five-year deal to EMI Records Europe and Asia on 4 September 2009.[6]


His self-produced solo single "Icon" was released in summer 2009, on EMI Records. It was heavily featured on VH1 and MTV Asia, being played up to 14 times per day. "Icon" had a European release in 2010 and was also featured on Kerrang TV with high rotations spots on Scuzz's playlist which included a 2-hour take over.

Jayce Lewis is considered as a rising global star following his successes in the Asian territories and a relentless tour schedule.[4] in February Jayce headlined the Rock 'N India festival in Delhi and Bangalore alongside popular artists such as the Backstreet Boys and Richard Marx.[4]

A BBC documentary on Jayce Lewis's journey to fame was shown on BBC One Wales on 10 March 2010 as part of a series called Planet Wales. The 40-minute documentary, titled "Big in India" was the first of the series and included live performances in Dubai, India and Germany. The documentary was repeated only three months later on BBC One Wales and North.[8] The documentary also covered Lewis and EMI working towards the release of his second single and album.[9]

Début Album

Lewis released his self-titled Jayce Lewis album on 11 October 2010. Although only releasing two singles in 2010, the album's début astonished the industry with its top-10 Chart position; ranked at number 7 in the M-Music Asian charts, Jayce's album charted higher than Eminem and Bon Jovi but was pipped at the number 6 spot by Linkin Park.[10] It's claimed; the wide diversity in the album attracted the broad interest in media and public.[7][11] The album was recorded in three separate studios, one of which is the famous Nott-In-Pill Studios in Newport, with ex-Skindred duo Jeff and Ginge.[7] The album's release was promoted by a succession of Video/Singles: Icon, Solitaire, Passes II and Electric Medicine, all of which were directed and edited by Jayce with chosen production teams, Electric Medicine has been noted as being his proudest achievement both on and off the screen.[12]

New album was launched at the Millennium Music Hall, Cardiff, on 30 October 2010.

Gary Numan[edit]

In September and December 2011, Gary Numan confirmed Jayce Lewis as main support on his Dead Son Rising U.K tour covering 12 shows across the country, in an online interview; Gary hailed Jayce to being one of the best supporting acts to ever tour with him, later hinting at a collaboration between them. Numan also documented the DSR tour in a diary, praising Jayce further and publicly inviting Jayce to tour America together in 2012. Later in 2014 both Gary and Jayce collaborated on the song Redesign which featured on Jayce's Protafield - 'Nemesis' album [13] [14][15][16][17]

Second Studio album[edit]

Appearing in an interview on Sky TV's The Moore Show Jayce discussed working on second album, although not naming the title; Jayce described it to be A huge Step forwards from the first release.[18] He played one new track from the second album at his first headlining gig at the Camden Barfly 18 May 2012.

Protafield 2014[edit]

Early 2014 Jayce Lewis announced publicly, his artist pseudonym name change to Protafield after agreeing a record contract with Caroline International (Universal Music Group) with his new album 'Nemesis'.[19][20][21][22][23][24][25]

Roger Taylor (Queen)[edit]

Jayce Lewis asked a string of guests to appear on his new Protafield project album, titled 'Nemesis' which included Queen Rock drummer Roger Taylor, Roger was introduced to Jayce by long term friend and band mate Josh Macrae Roger Taylor agreed performed on the track 'Wrath' track listing 5 on the 'Nemesis' album[26][27][28]

Steve Strange (Visage)[edit]

Long time friend of Steve, Jayce was Supported and mentored by the 80's neromantic star, famous for their live collaboration of 80's hit 'Fade To Grey' Steve later recorded his final ever recordings with Jayce shortly before his death on 12th February 2015, at his studio in Bridgend, South Wales. Jayce was also the live drummer for Visage on their 'Hearts and Knives' tour in 2013 [29][30][31]


"Icon" – Physical release date in Asia (Smash Hits 2009) 13 September 2009
"Icon" – single release date in Europe Digital 13 December 2009
Jayce Lewis – Full Album – Self-titled released 11 October 2010
Protafield – God-Forced – Single released February 2014
Protafield – Severe Sever – Single release 9 June 2014
Protafield – Nemesis – Full Album release 9 June 2014


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