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Origin Japan
Genres Progressive rock, alternative rock, pop rock
Years active 2006–present
Labels jkb records/Yoshimoto r&c
Website Official Website
Members Haderu (vocals)
Dunch (bass)
Elsa (drums)
Mofto (lead guitar)
Ediee (rhythm guitar)
Chaos (keyboards)
Hideki (violin/cello)

Jealkb (ジュアルケービー juarukeebii) is a Japanese visual kei rock band made up of seven members, all of them comedians including London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go's Atsushi Tamura. Their debut single Metronome hit number 1 on the indies Oricon chart and sold out the same day.[1][2] The band's name itself is a joke. If you simply move the "ビー" to the front of their name, it becomes "visual kei" (ビージュアルケー biijuarukee).

Dunch is also in the supergroup Karasu, that formed in 2009 with Tatsurou (Mucc), Hiroto (Alice Nine), Mizuki (Sadie) and Kenzo (Ayabie).[3]


  • Metronome (5.31.2006)
  • 恋傷 (Koi Kizu) (10.25.2006)
  • Julia (11.29.2006)
  • 黒い砂漠 (Kuroi Sabaku) (4.11.2007) (Ending theme of Elite Yankee Saburo)
  • 誓い (Chikai) (11.7.2007)
  • Fly (3.12.2008)
  • 花 (Hana) (6.11.2008)
  • 嘆きのエンドレス (Nageki no Endless) (10.22.2008) (Opening theme of Ten no Haoh)
  • Will (8.5.2009)
  • Makemagic (1.20.2010) (Theme song for Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie: Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend Time)
  • Super Special Summer (6.30.2010)
  • Roses (5.16.2007)
  • 狼煙 (Noroshi) (11.26.2008)
  • Invade (2.9.2011)

TV appearances[edit]

Jealkb has appeared on Menguo Selection.

Their song, Nageki No Endless was used as an opening for the anime Legend of the Dark King : A Fist of the North Star Story


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