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Background information
Origin Japan
Genres Progressive rock, alternative rock, pop rock
Years active 2006–present
Labels jkb records/Yoshimoto r&c
Website Official Website
Members Haderu (vocals)
Dunch (bass)
Elsa (drums)
Mofto (lead guitar)
Ediee (rhythm guitar)
Chaos (keyboards)
Hideki (violin/cello)

Jealkb (ジュアルケービー juarukeebii) is a Japanese visual kei rock band made up of seven members, all of them comedians including London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go's Atsushi Tamura.


Their debut single Metronome hit number 1 on the indies Oricon chart and sold out the same day.[1][2] The band's name is a Japanese anagram for "visual kei" (ビージュアルケー biijuarukee).

Dunch is also in the supergroup Karasu, that formed in 2009 with Tatsurou (Mucc), Hiroto (Alice Nine), Mizuki (Sadie) and Kenzo (Ayabie).[3]


  • Metronome (5.31.2006)
  • 恋傷 (Koi Kizu) (10.25.2006)
  • Julia (11.29.2006)
  • 黒い砂漠 (Kuroi Sabaku) (4.11.2007) (Ending theme of Elite Yankee Saburo)
  • 誓い (Chikai) (11.7.2007)
  • Fly (3.12.2008)
  • 花 (Hana) (6.11.2008)
  • 嘆きのエンドレス (Nageki no Endless) (10.22.2008) (Opening theme of Ten no Haoh)
  • Will (8.5.2009)
  • Makemagic (1.20.2010) (Theme song for Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie: Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend Time)
  • Super Special Summer (6.30.2010)
  • Roses (5.16.2007)
  • 狼煙 (Noroshi) (11.26.2008)
  • Invade (2.9.2011)

TV appearances[edit]

Jealkb has appeared on Menguo Selection. The band also composed "Nageki no Endless", the opening theme for the anime series Legends of the Dark King.


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