Jean-Armand de Joyeuse, Marquis de Grandpré

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Jean-Armand de Joyeuse (1631 – 1 July 1710), Marquis de Grandpré and Baron de Verpel, was a soldier and Marshal of France during the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.

Early life and career[edit]

Joyeuse was born to Antoine François de Joyeuse, comte de Grandpré, and Harriet de la Vieuville in 1631. He joined the army at a young age, his first battle being in 1648.[1] Joyeuse fought in the Battle of Rethel in 1652, and in that of Stenay two years later.

Joyeuse married his cousin,[2] Marguerite de Joyeuse, the daughter of the Baron de Verpel. He inherited his uncle's title upon the baron's death.

Later service[edit]

By the outbreak of the Nine Years' War in 1688, Joyeuse was a general in French service. In March 1693, as a result of his long service, he was made a Marshal of France. Joyeuse was given command of the French army's left wing during the 1693 battle of Neerwinden.[3] During the battle, he was shot and wounded, ending his active military service.

After Neerwinden, Joyeuse was given the governorships of various cities, including Metz.[4] He died in 1710, during the War of the Spanish Succession.