Jean-Christophe Victor

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Jean-Christophe Victor
Born May 30, 1947
Nationality French
Occupation Political scientist, ethnologist
Parents Paul-Émile Victor

Jean-Christophe Victor is a political scientist focusing on international relations. He earned a Master in Chinese language, a PHD in anthropology in the French Men Museum, and a PHD in Defense and Strategy from Sorbonne University. He was posted as a diplomat in Afghanistan, worked as policy adviser at Nato- Bruxelles, and for the Policy Planning Office at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He is the founder and the director of LEPAC, the Center for Political Studies and Cartographic Analysis, a Paris based “think tank”. The LEPAC trains international managers in the corporate sector for companies such as Veolia, Vinci, Areva, British Petroleum, Cartier, and L’Oréal; and public sector organisations including RATP, Council of Europe, and the European Union.

JC Victor teaches geopolitics in France and in several foreign universities. His most recent books on geopolitics are : “Le dessous des cartes : Itinéraires géopolitiques” 2011, Paris ; “Political atlas for the Teenagers”2010 ; Paris “Atlas of a changing world” 2008, Paris, Berlin, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei. He is the author of a weekly program on European channel ARTE and French world channel TV 5, dealing about geopolitics: "le dessous des cartes" ("Underneath the Maps").[1]



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