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Jean-Louis Tixier-Vignancour (12 October 1907 in Paris – 29 September 1989 in Paris) was a lawyer and French nationalist politician.

French Presidential Candidate[edit]

He was a candidate in the 1965 French presidential election when his campaign manager was Jean-Marie Le Pen. He won 1,260,208 votes, which was 5.2% of the total, giving him fourth place after De Gaulle, Mitterrand and Jean Lecanuet. In the second round, he supported François Mitterrand.

Easlier prominence[edit]

He was general-assistant secretary on Information for the État français (the Vichy government). As a member of the Chamber of Deputies for Basses-Pyrénées from 1936 to 1940, on 10 July 1940, he had voted in favour of giving the Cabinet presided by Marshal Philippe Pétain authority to draw up a new constitution, thereby effectively ending the French Third Republic and establishing Vichy France. He was elected in 1956 to the National Assembly for the two last years of the Fourth Republic. He was not affiliated to any of the parliamentary groups. He was a candidate of liste républicaine d'action sociale et paysanne.

Legal and political activities[edit]

As a lawyer, he defended General Raoul Salan in 1962, Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry in 1963, and a number of other OAS defendants. In the 1965 presidential election, he ran for the presidency as the candidate of the national Right against de Gaulle; Jean-Marie Le Pen and Jean-Pierre Stirbois were his campaign managers. In June 1979, in the first universal suffrage election to European Parliament, he took the first place in Euroright (Eurodroite) list, constituted by the Party of New Forces (PFN).



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