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The director Jean-Luc Godard has produced a large number of films. The following attempts to be a comprehensive filmography.

Directing filmography[edit]

Early works[edit]

French New Wave (1959–1967)[edit]

Feature films[edit]

Short films[edit]

  • 1961 "La Paresse" (Sloth)
from Les Sept péchés capitaux (The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • 1962 "Il Nuovo mondo" (The New World)
from RoGoPaG
  • 1963 "Le Grand escroc" (The Great Swindler)
from Les plus belles escroqueries du monde (The World's Most Beautiful Swindlers)
from Paris vu par... (Paris as Seen by...) — a.k.a. Six in Paris
  • 1967 "Anticipation, ou: l'amour en l'an 2000" (Anticipation: or Love in the Year 2000)
from Le Plus vieux métier du monde (The World's Oldest Profession)
  • 1967 "Caméra-oeil" (Camera-Eye)
from Loin du Vietnam (Far from Vietnam)
  • 1967 "L'amore (Andate e ritorno dei figli prodighi)" (Love: Departure and Return of the Prodigal Children)
from Amore e rabbia (Love and Anger)

Dziga Vertov Group/political films (1968–1972)[edit]

incorporated into One P.M.[1] (One Parallel Movie/One Pennebaker Movie) by D. A. Pennebaker in 1971. Director Jean-Luc Godard, D.A. Pennebaker. Producer Jean-Luc Godard, D.A. Pennebaker, Screenplay Richard Leacock, D.A. Pennebaker, Cinematographer Richard Leacock, D.A. Pennebaker, Editor D.A. Pennebaker. MAIN CAST: Rip Torn himself, Eldridge Cleaver himself, Jean-Luc Godard himself, Tom Hayden himself, Mary Lampson herself, Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane.
incorporated into Ici et ailleurs (Here and Elsewhere) by Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville in 1974
  • 1971 Vladimir et Rosa (Vladimir and Rosa)
  • 1972 Tout va bien (Everything's Going Fine) [2] Cast: Yves Montand ... Him, Jacques, Jane Fonda ... Her, Suzanne, Vittorio Caprioli ... Factory Manager, Elizabeth Chauvin ... Genevieve, Castel Casti ... Geneviève, Éric Chartier ... Lucien, Louis Bugette (as Bugette), Yves Gabrielli ... Léon (as Yves Gabrieli), Pierre Oudrey ... Frederic Jean Pignol ... Delegate, Anne Wiazemsky ... Leftist woman
  • 1972 Letter to Jane

Transitional period (SonImage) (1974–1978)[edit]

Second Wave (1979–1988)[edit]

Feature films[edit]

Short films/videos[edit]

from Le Changement a plus d'un titre (Change Has More Than One Title)


Feature and medium length films[edit]

Short films, video work[edit]