Jean-Marie Abgrall

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Jean-Marie Abgrall
Born (1950-04-12) April 12, 1950 (age 64)
Toulon, France France
Occupation psychiatrist, author, cult consultant
Known for Brainwashing theories

Jean-Marie Abgrall, born April 12, 1950 in Toulon, France, is a French psychiatrist, criminologist, specialist in forensic medicine, cult consultant, and graduate in criminal law. He has been an expert witness at the Supreme Court of Appeal and Court for Businesses in France on the subject of cults, and analyst of cult deviances. In particular, he is most knowledgeable about Children of God and the Order of the Solar Temple, which he said maintained links with Gladio, NATO's stay-behind organization during the Cold War. He also said that the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, of which he had been a member, had been related to Jacques Foccart's networks.[1] He has written many books on the subject, several of which are used as references. Various groups, including the Aumism movement and the Belgian Raelian Movement, have opposed Abgrall.[2][3]

Dick Anthony and Thomas Robbins have written that in their view, Abgrall's theories of brainwashing are pseudoscientific, and so unsuitable for use as a basis for legal judgments in cases involving cult membership.[4]


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