Jean Baptiste Brunet

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Jean Baptiste Brunet was a French General of Division in the Napoleonic Army. He was responsible for the arrest of Toussaint Louverture.[1]

Brunet was a colonel with the 102nd Infantry Regiment.

Arrest of Toussaint Loveture[edit]

Charles Leclerc originally asked Jean-Jacques Dessalines to arrest Louverture, but he declined. the task then fell to Brunet. However accounts differ as to how he accomplished this. One account has it that Brunet pretended that he planned to settle in Saint-Domingue and asked for Toussaint's advice about plantation management. Louverture's memoirs however suggest that Brunet's troops had been provocative, leading Louverture to seek a discussion with him. Embarrassed about his trickery, Brunet absented himself during the arrest.[2]


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