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Jean Délémontez (born June 9, 1918) is a French aircraft designer. He was born in Lyon. He is best known for his work with his father-in-law, Édouard Joly, on the Jodel range of light aircraft and his collaboration with Pierre Robin on the Avions Robin aircraft range.[1]


In 1935, Jean Delemontez joined the French airforce, where, despite numerous tries, he never managed to become a pilot. This due to the fact that his mechanical competences were recognized all too soon. In 1936, he had already designed his first aircraft, the D1. After a study at the Rochefort school of mechanics, he is assigned maintenance duties at the fighter aircraft of that time. In 1941, he enters the design bureau of the airforce in Toulouse. At night, he proceeds with his own designs and two years later, he starts working for Amiot. He works at the design bureau, before joining Edouard Joly at his company for repairing agricultural machines. It is with Joly that in 1946 la société des avions Jodel is started.[2]

In December 2000, Délémontez was inducted into the Experimental Aircraft Association Homebuilders' Hall of Fame.[3]


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