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Jean Dominique Adam (b.1795 - d. 1842) was an illustrious French Archetier / Bowmaker. Son of, Jean Adam (b.1767; d. 1849), who was also a bowmaker (and started a family dynasty that lasted three generations).

Born in Mirecourt December 29, 1795 Jean started under the tutelage of his father. His ability soon surpassed that of his teacher, as he drew his inspiration from Etienne Pajeot and Tourte T. With his position in this family of bowmakers, certainly he was a big influence to the up-and-coming makers, as was his own work also affected by those returning from Paris. His son Jean “Grand Adam” bettered his father’s skills but decided to move on to Paris, while Jean stayed his entire life in Mirecourt. -died October 6, 1842.[1] Consensus seems to articulate that his octagonal bows are very much in demand and that only his best bows are stamped.

"François Tourte possessed not only the ingenuity to bring the bow to perfection, but also the skill to make bows of unsurpassed quality which are still sought after by players and emulated by makers."[2]

"Both Jean Dominique and his son "Grand" Adam seemed to favor François Tourte's design (octagonal sticks) and thus produced a great many octagonal bows." - Gennady Filimonov


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