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Jean Joseph Kluger (born 31 March 1937) is a Belgian record producer, songwriter and musical composer.

He was born in Antwerp, Belgium, the son of music publisher Jacques Kluger. His career started in 1957, working for his father's company, World Music. He wrote widely for the French, Flemish and German pop music markets, including songs for Bobbejaan Schoepen, Dalida, Will Tura, Ringo and Petula Clark. He established his own company, Jean Kluger, after the death of his father in 1963, and moved to Paris in 1965.[1]

Kluger has written music for numerous bands since the early 1970s, including Bananarama, The Gibson Brothers, Ottawan, and Sheila B. Devotion and has collaborated with many other producers, notably Daniel Vangarde.[1]


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