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Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. is a psychiatrist (Jungian archetypes) and author. Bolen has written several books on the archetypal psychology of women and men in the development of spirituality,[1] and is one of the women featured in the 1986 film Women - for America, for the World (Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject)) and 1989 National Film Board of Canada documentary, Goddess Remembered. Bolen also co-founded (with former husband James Bolen) Psychic magazine in 1969 (renamed New Realities in 1977) covering parapsychology and mind-body-spiritual subjects.[2]

Ken Wilbur, in his book Sex, Ecology, and Spirituality expresses his appreciation for Bolen's two books Goddesses in Everywoman, and Gods in Everyman for its "wonderful presentation of all the 'archetypal' gods and goddesses that are collectively inherited by men and women..."


  • The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and the Self, (1979, 1982) ed., ISBN 978-0-06-250081-6
  • Goddesses in Everywoman: A New Psychology of Women (1984)
  • Gods in Everyman: A New Psychology of Men's Lives and Loves, (1989)
  • The Ring of Power: Symbols and Themes in Wagner's Ring Cycle and in Us, (1992)
  • Crossing to Avalon: A Woman's Midlife Pilgrimage (1994)
  • Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness and the Search for Meaning, (1996)
  • The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and the World, (1999)
  • Goddesses in Older Women: Archetypes in Women over Fifty, (2001)
  • Crones Don't Whine, (2003) ISBN 1-57324-912-2
  • Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World, (2005). 2nd ed. (2008) ISBN 978-1-57324-353-7


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