Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good

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Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good
Rogier van der Weyden - Presentation Miniature, Chroniques de Hainaut KBR 9242.jpg
Artist Rogier van der Weyden
Year 1447–1448
Type Presentation miniature
Dimensions 14.8 cm × 19.7 cm (5.8 in × 7.8 in)
Location Royal Library of Belgium
Accession 9242
URL Library page

Jean Wauquelin presenting his 'Chroniques de Hainaut' to Philip the Good is a presentation miniature believed to have been painted by the Flemish artist Rogier van der Weyden (or if not actually from his hand then certainly by his workshop to his designs). It decorates the frontispiece to the Chroniques de Hainaut (fr) of Jacques de Guyse (fr) translated by Jean Wauqelin (fr), the entire set of three volumes presently held in the Royal Library of Belgium.

It is the only known miniature of its kind by van der Weyden.


Frontispiece to the Chroniques de Hainaut (fr) held in Royal Library of Belgium. The dimension of the entire page are 43.2×28.8 cm

Although a miniature, its dimensions matches those of van der Weyden's smallest work on panel. The workmanship is of the very highest quality and precision. An example of the attention to detail are the several concentric contour lines added to the tail of the dozing dog, making it appear to wag.[1]

The attribution to van der Weyden is based not only on the mastery of execution, but also on the portrait evidence of some of the figures. Most of these can be identified, and amongst them Bishop Jean Chevrot (fr) (2nd from left), Chancellor Nicolas Rolin (3rd from left), Philip the Good (centre, 4th from left), and Charles the Bold (5th from left) appear in portraits by van der Weyden or his workshop, although in the case of Charles the Bold he appears as just an 11 year old boy in the miniature (see Gallery below).



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