Joan of Valois (1351–1371)

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Joan of Valois
Trojice Saint Denis.jpg
Joan with her parents, King Philip VI and Queen Blanche
House House of Valois
Father Philip VI of France
Mother Blanche of Navarre
Born May 1351
Died 16 September 1371
Béziers, France
Burial Basilica of St Denis, Saint-Denis, France

Joan of France (May 1351 - 16 September 1371) was the only child of Philip VI of France and his second wife Blanche of Navarre. Joan was posthumously born as her father had died nine months prior to her birth.


Joan's maternal grandparents were Philip III of Navarre and Joan II of Navarre. Her paternal grandparents were Charles of Valois and Margaret of Naples.

Joan had two half-brothers from her father's first marriage to Joan the Lame: John II of France and Philip of Valois, Duke of Orléans. After the death of Philip, Blanche retired to Neaufles-Saint-Martin near Gisors in Normandy.

In 1370, Joan was betrothed to Infante John, Duke of Girona, son and heir of Peter IV of Aragon. The marriage contract was signed 16 July 1370.[1] The following year Joan departed from France and set off to marry John in Aragon. However, Joan died on 16 September 1371[2] in Béziers, whilst travelling to meet her future husband.

Joan's mother died 5 October 1398, twenty-seven years after her daughter. They are buried together in the Basilica of St Denis, the necropolis of the Kings of France, north of Paris.