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Jebres is a subdistrict (kecamatan) of Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. It is located on north-east of the city. It has an area of 12.58 km² and population of 127,894 (2001). Unlike other subdistricts of the city, Jebres has some mountainous areas, most notably in Mojosongo. Some administrative villages are flooded with Bengawan Solo water when Indonesia entered the rainy season. Almost all cemeteries on this city is located on this subdistrict.

Administrative villages[edit]

The subdistrict is divided into administrative villages (kelurahan): Sudiroprajan, Gandekan, Kampung Sewu, Jagalan, Pucang Sawit, Jebres, Mojosongo, Tegalharjo, Purwadiningratan, Kepatihan Wetan, and Kepatihan Kulon.


The biggest public university in Solo, Sebelas Maret University is located on this subdistrict. It lies on a smaller area called Kentingan, which is also famous of its asylum.

Astana Bibis Luhur cemetery


Cemeteries in the subdistrict include: Astana Bibis Luhur, TPU Purwoloyo, TPU Utoroloyo, TMP Kusuma Bakti, Pucang Sawit Cemetery, and Cina Jebres Cemetery.