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Jedele is a surname of German origin (Wolfenhausen south of Stuttgart).


The name originally derives from the Old High German word Uodalrich (uodal = heritage) and rich (powerful). Uodalrich is also the origin of the name Ulrich.

Uodalrich was pronounced later üdelin, then Jedelin, and finally Jedele. The first known Jedele was Jakob Jedelin, born about 1540 in Wolfenhausen. There are many Jedeles in Germany (south-west), France (Alsace), Switzerland and the United States (also Yetley).

J is pronounced in German like Y in English – this is probably the reason why some immigrants to America (like Johann Georg Jedele) changed the first letter J into Y.


Variations of the surname are Jehle, Jehl, Jedell, Uller and Yetley in the United States. Other surname deriving from uodal and rich are Ulrich, Ullrich, Ullerich, Ulricher, Ullmann, Ulke, Utz, Utzmann, Ützle.