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The jedinka is a small Croatian whistle flute, usually highly carved and decorated. Often carved from maple or chestnut wood, the jedinka is a single tube with a whistle-like mouthpiece and six equally spaced finger holes. These small, simple instruments were used mainly by shepherds, who played them individually in the fields.

"Jedinka" or "zveglica" is single flute made mostly of walnet tree or elder. Although we can use the other kind of trees, for example a plum or maple tree or cherry. "Jedinka" has six holes for pickering. The name “frula” in Hrvatsko Zagorje for this instrument has been never used. One interested characteristic for single fluts from Hrvatsko Zagorje is quarter section differently from all others modes similarly flutes which are regularly rounded in section. "Jedinka" has very tender and elegical tone.

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