ŽKK Jedinstvo Tuzla

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ŽKK Jedinstvo Tuzla
Leagues Bosnian League
Arena SKPC Mejdan
(capacity: 5.000)
Location Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Team colors Blue and White
President Bosnia and Herzegovina ??
Head coach Bosnia and Herzegovina ??

Ženski košarkaški klub Jedinstvo Tuzla is a women's basketball club from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1989 they have won the EuroLeague Women and played in 1990 Ronchetti Cup finals. The most famous ex-player is Razija Mujanović. Among the other players were: Mara Lakić, Zorica Dragičević, Naida Hot, and Stojanka Došić. The most famous ex-coach is Mihajlo Vuković.



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