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Jeepspeed is an off-road organization and class of racing vehicle. The Jeepspeed organization was founded by Clive Skilton in 2001 after a visit to the Dakar Rally in Africa with his son and multi-time Dakar Rally competitor, Darren Skilton,[1] with the intent to build a racing vehicle and series around the affordable and durable Jeep. Jeepspeed developed relationships with race promoters like MORE and Best in the Desert to create a five to seven race Jeepspeed racing series each season.[2] The class has since expanded into two division and opened up to other Jeep vehicles [3] in addition to the XJs.

Mission statement[edit]

"We are a Jeep off road club for racing, rallying and adventures with safe, affordable Jeeps. The vehicle rules are written to create equality and durability, while keeping construction costs at a minimum."

Jeepspeed divisions[edit]

  • 1700 Class - the "stock" class with limited suspension and engine modifications permitted[4] described it was the largest grassroots racing class in America in 2008.[2]
  • 3700 Class - the "open" class allowing increased suspension and engine modifications[4]

Notable Jeepspeed teams[edit]

  • Barry Thompson
  • Billy Bunch
  • Eric Helgeson
  • The Currie Family [5]
  • Ray Giffith
  • Eric Heiden
  • Tom and Mike Barnett
  • Chris Nissley
  • Dust Junkies
  • Filarski Bros
  • Bruno Zvirzin
  • Nissley Racing Team (Chris, Bill & Tom Nissley)

Notable Jeepspeed builds[edit]

  • Xtreme 4x4 Television show aired in 2006 season episode 10 titled "Jeepspeed Build" featuring the construction of a Jeepspeed race vehicle.
  • The "10 Day Jeepspeed" by Jason Lafortune and TMR crew.[6]
  • ATK Wrangler built by Jon Krellwitz and campaigned in the 3700 class (and SCORE International Class 3).[7] Also a complete build up of the vehicle from start to finish can be found on the Jeepspeed website


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