Jeff Berwick

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Jeff Berwick
Jeff Berwick black background.jpg
Jeff Berwick in 2012
Born Jeffrey David Berwick
(1970-11-24) November 24, 1970 (age 43)
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Residence Acapulco, Mexico
Nationality Canadian
Religion None (agnostic)

Jeff Berwick (born Jeffrey David Berwick, November 24, 1970, Edmonton) is a Canadian entrepreneur, writer, and libertarian and anarcho-capitalist activist.

In 2013, Berwick announced his plans to co-found the world's first Bitcoin automated teller machine (ATM).[1] He subsequently withdrew from the Bitcoin ATM project, but stated he will be entering into future Bitcoin ventures.[2]

In June 2005, Berwick was in the process of circumnavigating the world in his 35' sailing catamaran when he was caught in a storm and the ship sank, leaving Berwick on his surfboard, later to be rescued with minor injuries by other sailors near Jiquilisco Bay, El Salvador.[3]


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