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For the American journalist and music critic, see Jeff Chang (journalist).
Jeff Chang
Chinese name 張信哲 (traditional)
Chinese name 张信哲 (simplified)
Pinyin Zhāng Xìn Zhé (Mandarin)
Origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Born (1969-03-26) 26 March 1969 (age 45)
Yunlin, Taiwan
Other name(s) Chang Shin Che
Occupation Singer, actor, producer, art collector
Genre(s) Mandopop, Cantopop
Voice type(s) Countertenor
Label(s) Elite Music Co, EMI, Gold Typhoon, Sony Music, Tide Music
Years active 1989-present
Official Website

Jeff Chang (born Jeffrey Chang Shin-Che on 26 March 1969) is a Taiwanese male singer, who performs sentimental Mandarin pop ballads.

Chang was born in Yunlin, Taiwan. He started off his showbiz career by winning a singing competition while in college. Since 1989 he has released a string of highly successful albums and is known as the "Prince of Love Ballads" in the Chinese pop world. His name is well known across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and mainland China.

Besides singing, Chang's interests include arts, antiques, traveling and water sports, and stage production. He became Taipei's leader in a stage theatre team in 2011.


  • (2011): 花季未了
  • (2010): Genesis 初
  • (2008): Escape 逃生
  • (2007): Autumn Snow 雪國八月(Cantonese Album)
  • (2006): Be Your Man 做你的男人
  • (2005): Jeff Chang's Special Collection 張信哲Jeff情歌精選
  • (2004): The Next Eternity 下一個永遠
  • (2002): From Beginning Until Now 從開始到現在
  • (2001): I Really Miss 我好想
  • (2000): Faith 信仰
  • (1999): Come Back 回來
  • (1998): Dao Chu Liu Qing 到處留情(Cantonese Album)
  • (1998): The Best Collection of Jeff Chang 張信哲收藏精選 (Cantonese Album)
  • (1997): Intuition 直覺
  • (1997): Jeff Chang's Compilation 選哲 (精選輯)
  • (1997): Zhi Ai 摯愛 (Adore)
  • (1996): Miss 思念 (Cantonese Album)
  • (1996): Dream 夢想
  • (1996): The Color of the Night 夜色(英文專輯)
  • (1995): Shen Qing 深情(Deep love) (Cantonese Album)
  • (1995): Generosity 寬容
  • (1995): Zui Xin 醉心
  • (1995): Yong You 擁有
  • (1995): SomeWhere in My Broken Heart 心碎深處(英文專輯)
  • (1994): Waiting 等待
  • (1993): Xin Shi 心事(Mind)
  • (1992): Know 知道
  • (1992): My Eyes Adore You 永遠·摯愛(英文專輯)
  • (1989): Forget 忘記
  • (1989): Melancholy 憂鬱
  • (1989): Lie 說謊


  • (2007): 明明 Ming Ming
  • (2006): 不完全戀人 Stand in Love
  • (2002): 停車暂借問 (烟雨紅顏) A Pinwheel Without Wind