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Not to be confused with Jeff Weise.

Jeffrey Weiss (born 1938) is an American playwright, impresario and actor both on Broadway and a theater he ran with his partner Richard Martinez in the East Village, in New York City. His work was presented in La Mama and Cafe Cino.[1][2]


Weiss grew up in Allentown, PA, with his parents, two brothers and a sister. His surviving brother Steven lives in California. His father was a salesman for Pennsylvania cement companies. [3][4][5] He wrote and acted in plays produced by his partner Richard Martinez, a New Mexican artist. In 1992, Weiss' play Hot Keys won an Obie award.[6] His nephew is actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Weiss lives with Richard Martinez in Allentown.[citation needed]

He won a Robert Chesley Award in 2000.


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