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Jeff Wincott
Born Jeffrey Howard Piero Wincott
(1956-05-08) 8 May 1956 (age 58)
Toronto,Ontario, Canada
Education Ryerson University
Occupation Actor, voice artist, screenwriter, film producer, film director
Years active 1976–present
Spouse(s) Charlotte Wincott (2003–present)
Children 2
Parents Lucia Wincott (mother)
William Wincott (father)
Family Michael Wincott (brother)



Wincott began his career on the stages of Toronto, first playing Mark Smeaton in Anne of the Thousand Days. Next as Bogey in Play It Again, Sam, Wincott showed early on in his acting career that he was committed to any character he played. He started smoking non-filtered cigarettes that he ordered from New York, the same ones Humphrey Bogart smoked", S.E. Kure from the Bloor West Villager wrote " A positive step by director Sephen Bragg was in the casting of Bogie. Jeff Wincott never failed a delighted audience with his impersonation. He had every gesture down pat; the slurred voice well-mimicked and the facial expressions twinning that of the famous actor. The dialogue however did not allow Wincott much interplay with the other actors. Isolated as a Humphrey Bogart inpersonator, he was superb". Then as the jolly northern Englishman Albert Godby in Still Life and as the Irish conductor Bert Bentley in Red Peppers. Wincott spent a couple months doing summer stock at The Kawartha Summer Theatre. Also, touring with an acting company as the fiesty Tybalt in Shakespears Romeo and Juliet. He landed the part of the gay stud Wolf in the Canadian Stage Premiere of Martin Sherman's play Bent.

Wincott's first TV role was on the sitcom King of Kensington (1978-1979) with Al Waxman as the rebel Jeff. His first feature film lines were with Madeline Kahn as the taxi driver in Happy Birthday Gemini (1980). Director Paul Lynch cast him in the horror film classic Prom Night (1980) as the jock Drew with Jamie Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen. He played Nicolas Cage's sculling opponent Riley, in the film The Boy in Blue (1984) Wincott had never sculled before and only trained for 3 days before filming began. Wincott's big break came as the Italian hot headed rookie Detective Frank Giambone in the TV series Night Heat (1984-1989) with Scott Hylands, Alan Royal and producer Sonny Grosso, whose real life story was depicted in the film The French Connection (Academy Award for Best Picture). Some of the guest stars on Night Heat included Danny Aiello, Héctor Elizondo, David Carradine, Phyllis Diller among others. Night Heat was nominated 22 times including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Wincott. Night Heat won the Gemini Award 7 times including Best Dramatic Series in 1986 and 1987. He guest starred with Andy Griffith in the 2 hour season premiere of the TV series Matlock (1992) as Spencer Hamilton, who investigates the death of his brother.

When he auditioned for the film Martial Law 2 (1994) , Wincott, a black belt in Taekwondo, was asked by the producer Pierre David if he was a good fighter "I can stand you, and you, and you up and knock all three of you down" replied Wincott, they gave him the role on the spot. He garnered rave reviews on the film and got Hollywood looking. This paved the road for what was to come, Wincott became sought after not only as a martial artist but one that could act. Wincott went on to star as the protagonist of motion pictures such as Deadly Bet (1992) , Mission of Justice (1992), Wincott's greatest fight scene is in this film, the gauntlet, where he fights 40 guys. "They wanted me to do cali-stick fighting and I told them I had never been trained with them, so they spent 45 minutes teaching me for that big scene". For the film Martial Outlaw (1993), he trained a grueling 3 months twice a day in the gym, eating no sugar, no dairy products, no fruit or juices, or bread, shredding his body down to 8% body fat. He continued to star in Open Fire (1994). Wincott portrayed the cold-blooded killer, a hit-man for hire Harlin Garrett in the film The Killing Machine (1994) "Jeff Wincott- who manages to rise above the material here" said Liz Braun from the Toronto Sun. He next starred in No Exit (1995) , and for his role in Street Law (1995), he spent 18 hours the night before filming, having hair extensions put in for the right look of the pro-bono lawyer John Ryan character, who rides a Harley. Then starring in the thriller The Donor (1995) as Billy Castle who has his kidney taken out and sold on the black market without his consent , and the incredible non-stop action film the Last Man Standing (1995). He starred with Michelle Johnson as the alcoholic Dr Jack Davis in the film When the Bullet Hits the Bone (1996). He also starred with Lance Henriksen as the murderous district attorney Michael Weinberg, in the film Profile For Murder (1996).

Wincott protrayed the genetically engineered Eric Devereaux in the made for TV movies Universal Soldier II (1998) and III (1999), he wanted to do his own stunt for his death scene in which two metal plates(one behind and one in front) are squibbed, when they went off the plates squeezed his chest and he lost his breath. The impact knocked Wincott unconscious and he fell to the ground, the camera's were still rolling thinking this was a brilliant performance, then, not realizing he wasn't acting the director yelled cut and came to his aid. He starred with Adrien Brody in the romantic comedy film The Undertaker's Wedding (1997) , Wincott played Italian Mafia hit man Rocco. He guest starred in the Vancouver based crime TV series Cold Squad (1999) , giving a chilling performance as the sadistic serial killer Thomas Brown. Wincott starred in the film Pressure Point (2001) with Michael Madsen, playing the psychotic killer that takes Madsen's family hostage.

Director Clark Johnson featured him in the film S.W.A.T. (2003) with Samuel Jackson and Colin Farrell, playing SWAT sniper Ed Taylor. Wincott guest starred on the TV series JAG (2003) , 24 (2003) with Kiefer Sutherland and NCIS (2005) with Mark Harmon. He played the ruthless drug leader Leo, in the independent film Lake City (2006) with Sissy Spacek and Drea de Matteo. Then appeared in the film The Invasion (2007), starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel (Downfall). Wincott had a cameo in the final episode of the TV series The Wire (2007) playing homeless undercover officer Johnny Weaver. Director Tony Scott (Top Gun, True Romance) featured him in the film Unstoppable (2009) with Denzel Washington to play Chris Pines blue collar older brother Jesse. He guest starred with Jim Caviezel as the corrupt Lieutenant Gilmore on the TV show Person of Interest (2011). He also guest starred with Tom Selleck on the TV series Blue Bloods (2012) and with Griffin Dunne directing him in The Good Wife (2012) with Julianna Margulies.

Wincott has a recurring role portraying Jimmy Cacuzza, leader of the Mafia family (Cacuzza crime family) who buys guns from SAMCRO on the hit TV series Sons Of Anarchy (2008-2013) . He was hired by Rockstar Games as the voice actor and motion capture artist for Casey in their video game Grand Theft Auto V (2013). Director Dan Pritzker cast him to play real life Chicago mobster Johnny Collins (Louis Armstrong's music manager) in the film Bolden! (release TBD).


In 2014, Wincott made his directorial debut with the dark comedy short film Behind Bars about struggling with addiction, which is now in consideration at the Toronto International Film Festival.



Year Title Role Notes
1980 Happy Birthday Gemini Taxi Driver
1980 Prom Night Drew
1980 Quest For Fire Stunt Double (uncredited)
1985 The Big Deal Ted Powers
1986 The Boy In Blue Riley
1991 Sharkskin Tony Dots short
1992 Martial Law 2:Undercover Detective Sean Thompson
1992 Deadly Bet Angelo
1992 Mission Of Justice Kurt Harris
1993 Martial Outlaw Agent Kevin White
1994 Open Fire Alec McNeil Also Associate Producer
1994 The Killing Machine Harlin Garrett Also Associate Producer
1995 No Exit John Stoneman Also Associate Producer
1995 Street Law John Ryan Also Associate Producer and Fight Choreographer
1995 The Donor Billy Castle Also Associate Producer
1995 Last Man Standing Detective Kurt Bellmore Also Co-Producer
1996 Whiskey,Riddles,and Dandelion Wine Roger
1996 When The Bullet Hits The Bone Dr. Jack Davies Also Associate Producer
1996 Profile For Murder Michael Weinberg
1997 The Undertakers Wedding Rocco
1997 Future Fear Dr. John Denniel
2000 Paper Bullets Dickerson
2001 BattleQueen 2020 Spencer
2001 Pressure Point Rudy Wicker
2002 Outside The Law Michael Peyton
2003 Stealing Candy Spinell
2003 S.W.A.T. Ed Taylor
2007 Decisive Moment Cliff Foust short

Won Best Actor 48hr Film Festival Richmond, VA
2007 The Invasion Transit Cop
2007 Lustig German Sgt. short
2008 House of Fallen Lucifer
2008 Lake City Leo
2009 Neighborhood Watch Jeff short
2010 The Last Dinner Warden short
2010 Unstoppable Jesse
2014 Behind Bars Kidd Brock Writer, producer and director

2014 Bolden Johnny Collins (post production)


Year Title Role Notes
1978–1979 King Of Kensington Jeff Episodes: "The Bet" "Born To Bogie"
1979–1983 The Littlest Hobo Barry McLeod/Mel Episodes: "Lumberjacks" "Wolf Hunt" "Silent Witness"
1983–1984 Hangin' In Daryl/Carl/Paul Episodes: "The Party" "The Hero" Video Fever"
1984–1989 Night Heat Detective Frank Giambone 96 Episodes

(1985) Nominated – Gemini Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
1989 Alfred Hitchcock Presents Tom King Episode: "Skeleton In The Closet"
1989 Matlock Spencer Hamilton Episodes: "Hunting Party: Part 1" "Hunting Party: Part 2"
1990–1991 Top Cops Robert Challice/Rocky Bridges/Joe Partington 3 Episodes
1992 Secret Service Sheppard Episodes: "A Teller of Tales" "Food for Thought"
1991–1993 Counterstrike Lexington/Rik Allen Episodes: "Muerte" "Hide and Seek"
1998 Universal Soldier II:Brothers in Arms Eric Devereaux (TV movie)
1999 Universal Soldier III:Unfinished Business Eric Devereaux (TV movie)
1999 Cold Squad Thomas Sterling Brown Episode: "Dead End"
2000 Code Name:Eternity Breed Episode: "The Hunter"
2000 Earth:Final Conflict Malley/Phantom Episode: "Phantom Companion"
2000–2002 Relic Hunter Rollin Harley/Jonathan Quelch Episodes: "Under the Ice" "The Legend of the Lost"
2002 Mutant X Grady Colt Episode: "Whose Woods These Are"
2003 JAG Captain Masters Episode: "Complications"
2003 24 Davis Episodes: "Day 2: 2:00am-3:00am" "Day 2: 3:00am-4:00am"
2005 NCIS Gunnery Sgt. Leeka Episode: "Red Cell"
2006 Sons of Butcher Ram Punchington/Duster Killby/Jack Nimble voice

Episodes: "Ridin' the Rocket" "Playin' the Part" "Teaching the Touches" "Fighting the Greek"
2007 Cleaverville Michael (TV movie)
2008 The Wire Johnny Weaver Episode "-30-"
2009 Drop Dead Diva Security Chief Episode: "Dead Model Walking"
2009 One Tree Hill Attorney Episode: "Some Roads Lead Nowhere"
2011 Person of Interest Lieutenant Allan Gilmore Episode: "The Fix"
2012 Blue Bloods Captain Mancuso Episode: "Family Business"
2012 The Good Wife Tim Resnick Episode: "Battle of The Proxies"
2008–2013 Sons of Anarchy Jimmy Cacuzza Episodes: "Seeds" "Andare Pescare" "Huang Wu" "You Are My Sunshine"

Video Games[edit]

Year Title Role
2013 Grand Theft Auto V Casey

Theatre Work[edit]

Year Title Role
1976 Red Peppers Bert Bentley
1976 Still Life Albert Godby
1977 Anne Of A Thousand Days Mark Smeaton
1978 Romeo And Juliet Tybalt
1979 Play It Again Sam Bogie
1980 Bent Wolf/Kapo

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