Jeffery Boulevard

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Jeffery Boulevard (Jeffery Drive)
2000 East
Length 4.08 miles (6.57 km)
Location Chicago
From Van Vlissingen Road in Chicago
To Marquette Drive and US 41 (Lake Shore Drive) in Chicago

Jeffery Boulevard, called Jeffery Avenue from its south end to 94th Street and Jeffery Drive from 67th Street to its north end, is a north-south street on the South Side of Chicago. It runs from Van Vlissingen Road to Marquette Drive and Lake Shore Drive (U.S. Route 41) in Chicago. On its route, it intersects 95th Street (U.S. Routes 12 and 20). It also has an onramp onto the eastbound Chicago Skyway (Interstate 90) via Anthony Avenue.

Just under a half-mile from its south end at Van Vlissingen Road, Jeffery Avenue as it is then called intersects 95th Street. Just south of 84th Street, it can be used to access the eastbound Chicago Skyway via Anthony Avenue. Continuing north, the road intersects 67th Street and enters Jackson Park. It also changes names from Jeffery Boulevard to Jeffery Drive here. One eighth of a mile further north, it ends at Marquette Drive. The road continues north as Lake Shore Drive, also carrying U.S. Route 41. U.S. Route 41 also goes east on Marquette Drive.