Jeffrey Banks

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Jeffrey Banks
Born (1955-03-03) 3 March 1955 (age 59)
Washington D.C.
Nationality American
Occupation Fashion designer

Jeffrey Banks is a Coty Award-winning menswear designer who has been described as a major black fashion maker.[1] Before launching Jeffrey Banks Ltd. in New York City in 1978 at the age of 25, he worked as a design assistant to Ralph Lauren(1971–73) and Calvin Klein (1973–76).[1] By 1996, suits, shirts, eyewear and accessories from Jeffrey Banks Ltd. and Jeffrey Banks International were being sold worldwide with sales of about $20 million.[2]

Banks has claimed credit for Calvin Klein's logo garments, stating that he had the logo from a press folder silkscreened onto the sleeve of a brown T-shirt as a present for Klein.[3] The gift was assumed by Barry K. Schwartz to be part of the upcoming line, and similar shirts formed the uniform for the front-of-house staff at Klein's next catwalk show, leading to the buyers asking to purchase them.[3]


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