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Jeffrey Vanke, of Roanoke, Virginia, is a writer, a historian, a non-profit budget consultant, and a centrist political activist. He ran in 2010 for the United States House of Representatives[1][2] to represent Virginia's 6th congressional district, but lost to incumbent Bob Goodlatte.[3]

Vanke earned his Ph.D. in history from Harvard University in 1999; he is an expert on political psychology. In his book on European Union history, Vanke presents a unified theory and formula of politics: p = f \times s, or "the polity is the product of political forces and of the political, economic, and social systems" (Europeanism and European Union: Interests, Emotions, and Systemic Integration in the early European Economic Community, Academica Press, 2010).[4][5][6] In early 2010, Vanke published a detailed balanced Federal budget spreadsheet[7] which informed the Bowles-Simpson report. Vanke is a member of the Modern Whig Party.


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