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Jegerkompaniet / ISTAR
Active 1946
Country Norway
Branch Army
Size One reinforced company
Garrison/HQ Porsanger

Agmine Consectamur

(We hunt in packs)

Det mystiske Jegerkompani

(The mystical Jeger company)

Jegerkompaniet (Arctic Ranger Company) / ISTAR is the Norwegian Army's northern-most unit. It is deployed to the world's northern-most military garrison, Porsangmoen, at 70 degrees northern latitude. The company has both conscripts and professional soldiers. The units are specialized in unconventional warfare and guerrilla tactics and long range reconnaissance deep behind enemy lines, with no support from other units, in all weather conditions and in all terrain, for periods of up to 30 days.

Training at the Arctic Ranger Regiment is similar to training at other ranger units, with the exception that much more time is spent on winter training. The overall goal of the training is to produce Arctic Rangers that are capable of combat and survival behind enemy lines for periods of up to 30 days with no support from other units.

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