Jehangir Wadia

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Jehangir Wadia
Born Jehangir Wadia
6 July 1973
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Managing Director GoAir and Bombay Dyeing
Partner(s) Celina Wadia
Children (Two) Jahangir , Ella
Parent(s) Nusli Wadia (father)
Maureen Wadia (mother)
Relatives Ness Wadia (brother)
Neville Wadia (grand father)
Dina Jinnah (grand mother)
Muhammad Ali Jinnah (great-grand father)
Maryam Jinnah (great-grand mother)

Jehangir Wadia (Gujarati: જહાંઞીર વાડિયા) (also known as Jeh Wadia) born 6 July 1973 in Mumbai India, is a businessman belonging to the Wadia family. He is the son of Nusli Wadia and Maureen Wadia, the great-grandson of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and younger brother of Ness Wadia.[1]

Jehangir Wadia did his initial schooling at St. Lawrence's Boarding School in Sanawar and moved to a boarding school in England to complete his graduation. Jehangir is MSc. from Warwick University, London.[2]

Jehangir is married to Celina (Australia origin) whom he met at London and have two children Jahangir and Ella. [3]

Jehangir Wadia is the managing director of GoAir, a budget airline which he founded in 2004, and of Bombay Dyeing, a diversified company with interests in Retail, Real Estate, Textiles and PSF.[4][5]

GoAir and Bombay Dyeing are a part of the conglomerate Wadia Group.


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