Jehova-Nisi Producciones

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JN Producciones
Jehova-Nisi Producciones (logo).png
Founded 2000
Founder Ericson Alexander Molano
Distributor(s) Ministerios Salem Internacional, GMX Graphix Design, JN Studios
Genre Christian, Gospel
Country of origin US
Location Signal Hill, California
Official website JN Producciones

Jehova-Nisi Producciones was founded in 2000, by Christian singer, Ericson Alexander Molano. The production company consists of other JN projects such as: JN Studios and GMX Graphix Design. JN Studios is run by both Ericson A. Molano and Libni "Leo" Molano. GMX Graphix Design is run by Gerson Molano.

Currently there are seven recording artists signed to the label. Ericson A. Molano, David Beltran, Erick Porta, Eddie Soto, Manuel Garcia Jr., Elmer Hernandez, and Ruth Esther.


Ericson Alexander Molano founder of JN Producciones

In 2000, Jehova-Nisi Producciones produced Ericson A. Molano's first album, El Vive Hoy. Though, Ministerios Salem Internacional (MSI) produced the album, accompanied by JN. The album went on to sell 100,000 copies. On August 2002, they released Molano's second album, Fue Por Ti. In 2003 JN opened a new branch to their company, by bring JN Studios, which is headed by both Ericson and his brother Leo. JN Studios played a big part of helping producing Manuel Garcia Jr.'s new album, El Es Rey. On August 2004 they released Molano's third album, Mi Pasion, which is noted to be one of Ericson's greatest work yet. Also in 2004, another branch was opened with GMX Graphics, which is headed by Gerson Molano, brother of both Ericson and Leo Molano. Later, popular artists such as Erick Porta and Eddie Soto were signed to the recording label.

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It also gets involve with GMX Graphix Design which is headed by Molano's youngest brother, Gerson Molano and JN Studios run by Molano's younger brother, Leo Molano. As of right now, they have a Talent search for the Next Best Singer. They currently have 20 runner-ups.

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